Tooth Grinding

Bruxism or tooth grinding and clenching causes many problems

  • painful aching jaw joints
  • painful sensitive teeth
  • a stiff neck
  • frequent tooth aches
  • difficulty and /or liminted opening of your mouth
  • morning headaches
  • migraine

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms a mini dental splint could be the simple solution that changes your life

  • grinding and clenching exerts 6-20 times more pressure
  • repeated intense contraction muscles become painful
  • forces cause pain to surrounding muscles and joints

By reducing the intensity of clenching you are minimising the source of pain, and in many cases this will happen in just a few days.

I found this practice after an experience elsewhere. I was seen straight away and my pain was dealt with. I signed up to the payment plan and saved money as well.

– Testimonial by Mr G - Tewkesbury

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