If you have lost several of your teeth, then partial or full dentures can be your answer. They are removable and are individually designed.

We can provide you with different types of denture that will suit your requirements.

Our dentures are all made to the highest standard using the latest, strongest and life like materials.

Remember your gums! even if if you have full dentures it is still a good idea to visit us at least once a year to check your soft tissue health.

Andy Moszczynski

Denture care

  • Remove and clean twice a day with a soft tooth brush and a mild denture cream. It is advisable to fill the sink with water so that if dropped they will not break or chip.
  • Remove them at night to give your gums a chance to rest and place the denture in clean water.
  • Have your dentures cleaned professionaly once a year (ask your dentist)
  • If they break do not try to repair them your self as certain chemicals can do irreversable damage. Contact your dentist for advise.

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